Netflix Competition Planning for Media 2019 »Leadersnet ProSiebenSat.1


Netflix Competition Planning for Media 2019 »Leadersnet ProSiebenSat.1

Public TV broadcasters and RTL should be on the German TV network Internet platform.

German German broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1, Max Conze, plans to launch an internet platform for German TV stations in mid-2019. It is already on the way to take the content of public broadcasters In addition, Conze said in the Munich club of business media. Also, RTL should be aboard. There were still no discussions with Berlin's new director of Berlin Reichart at RTL Germany.

The platform is planned as an alternative to Netflix. German observers do not want several different libraries and apps, but an integrated platform, Conze has shown. The platform designed by its commander ProSiebenSat.1 is altered to each person's personal preferences and does not; Praise the same species several times after remembrance as its current competition. (Red)

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