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In the last six years there has been a platform Netflix which includes in Latin America it has drawn attention to the attention of many countries and all the new results are that the stage publishing is looking forward.

However, not all the exhibitions offered by Netflix have met our expected success and are forgotten or haunted by viewers.

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Below is a brief description of the programs with less balance between judges and the public.

An iron lattice

The series, which tells the story of Danny Rand, was inspired by monks after an accident when the cause was announced. This person was known as “The Defenders”, where “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” and “The Punisher”.

After the first presentation in March 2017, fans of the story thought the story was very slow, slow and slow. Moreover, it was only the criticism of the Rotten tomatoes that only 38% gave him permission for.

A second quarter was in the series in 2018 and it was later announced that it would be canceled.


An expert scientist is not similar to success and quality, and this was demonstrated by the first glimpse of this series by Naomi Watts who placed her own psychologist's shoes. more than the moral proportion of patient and therapist to stage sensitively with their patients.

Produced in June 2017, the series got a great deal of surprise, some stating it was slow, heavy or impossible, but the review only granted 38%. T and its stage Netflix He decided that this presentation would be put on hold by only one season.

I will scatter

In the decades there were important pressures on drugs inside the plot ("Breaking bad" or "Weeds") and Netflix He showed his own proposal. The series, starring Katy Bates, was a protest about the protest that marijuana would have a wealth of cannabis products in Los Angeles, that she had attended with some young people, taking her son.

Chuke Lorre ("The Big Bang Theory") series was canceled after one season. The first phase was published in August last year and in its second half, in January. In Rotten Tomatoes, the series reached only 23% among reviewers.

Rob Rob

This is the guided series, which was written and performed by the actor Rob Schneider with his family, but after the initial performance it appears that the Schneider events were not remembered by the audience. .

The 36-week review of Metacritic was reviewed, resulting in 0% reviews of Rotten Tomatoes based on 8 reviews. The exhibition after the second season was canceled.


The audience divided this audience up to those who liked bitter and black humans, but it was ignored.

The series which deals with the life of Patty Bladell tells how she went about a short time when she was a very heavy girl who was all having fun about a thin girl. Some people were worried by this series saying that the show gets rid of a health problem as bad as being overweight.

In July 2018, over 100 thousand signatures were collected Netflix and the cancellation of the program, however, in spite of criticism for the agreement by 12%, this year 's flood program will be launched this year.

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