Netflix expects trailer, poster and third-party publication date of strange things


Happy New Year! Without warning and hard hitting, Netflix launched the carrier on the third season of strange things.

All fans on the series are pleased to be aware that their first teaser trailer, which is here.

We also have an advertising poster, under the phrase "Summer can change everything", which shows the high-quality teenagers who are in a position; Think of the fireworks that will be given this year.

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In a audio extract, we can, if we are very attentive, Find out more about the third delivery of this retro nostalgia, but we will leave it to those who saw the series, because we do not want to go into spoilers.

Those who did not see them, until July 4 come up and we're going on, are very good and surely they have to talk, as they have done with a & # 39; first two of them.

We are now waiting for the other things Netflix is ​​doing; offered and opposed, such as the weekend of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, which is a kind of interactive diary where you are making decisions and you can draw many finishes .

It also has the first appearance of the Bird Box movie, which has proved to be a fascinating success and a number of people. talk about it.

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