Netflix has its application development on iPhone devices


UNITED STRATEGIES.- Most people who are experiencing a & # 39; watch Netflix representations, make it from their smartphone, so to make the visual sense simplified, the platform has added new updates.

At this time these developments do not only apply to Apple iPhone, so Apple users can enjoy them before everyone else.

The new controls will help to better manage the content, that is, now it will be much easier to stop, stop, advanced and even stop the series and the films that are being watched, the Unocero news port on its site.

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New buttons, more control

Before you begin to talk about these new buttons Netflix will be added to iPhone, you should know that they do not have new appliances, because & # 39; And you're starting on what you're already doing.

This means there is nothing new, but something better will make players of the stage representations much larger than they do; watch their cone phone.

On or Replace

These buttons come so that people can control what they are doing; See, either because they want to see a look again or what they want move forward to next level. To use it, it will be enough to be selected twice and goes on or back 10 seconds.

Next program

With this feature, users stop waiting for Netflix toggle their choice to go to the next program, as now you can get it quickly without having a # 39; leaving the replay.

Play / Pause

As mentioned earlier, these buttons were there, now they are larger than that and will be placed in the middle of the screen so that it is easier to find them.

The same way Episodes and audio options and subtitles, they will enter the lower part of the screen so that the changes are provided promptly and hardly.

If you want to get these enhanced settings, you should only update the Netflix app on the iPhone or iPad.

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