Netflix is ​​the throne in a stream of content content


The American Epix television network, which is owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), has created a new online platform with the current content of Epix Now, which can be used by almost everyone with a operating system iOS or Android for just under six dollars every month.

Owners of Roku and Amazon Fire TV are very fast.
On the platform, a new series, new and older series, new and older libraries have been installed, with specialized tools even for the television network. They also have their original series, such as Pennyworth, Godfather of Harlem, Get Shorty, Berlin Station and Deep State.
From Epix, they say that all content can be downloaded to tools, so clients can even watch them even when they are not connected to the internet. President Epix Michael Wright was celebrating the year 2019 as a turning point, as he expects to be a significant result of a profit due to the platform that is in a position; emerging. "Epix has always been to meet the needs of users, regardless of what they want to see the content. Since their requests are going on like this , we have changed and now we are delighted that our users can hear the content they enjoy, anywhere, at any time. "
In addition to Epix, other movie and technology giants are offering Netflix. The biggest competitors are Hulu and Amazon Prime, and Apple, CBS, Disney, Warner Media and NBC Universal have a great deal. Combined as a leading provider of streamlined content.

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