Netflix named January to mark the product for The Punisher


Netflix tells January to celebrate the return for The PunisherThere were a few fingers inside advertising video Netflix EU to see 2019 starting with the second season in the series The citizen. But this may be the last news for Frank Castle.

Just a few years ago, the official account of Marvel Twitter confirmed that we had a second season The citizen, but did not give more information and had only some prizes about the cast and the characters, something that said whether Netflix was working on this program. However, despite the above, eliminating the other lines based on Marvel World of Scotland was badly converted to how the character was revenge.

At this time the picture does not look promising The citizen and Jessica Jones, the sequence was lasting; Arrowstone is killed on the small screen, which does not survive Daredevil, The Iron Puffins and Lucas Cage. And in which he felt a strong impact on the streaming service that Disney published at the beginning of November but he has often been in memory for a long time. With this background, Frank Castle and Jessica almost know their listeners at the end of the seasons that have been recorded. This would end the end of the # 39; Assemblies between Marvel Television and Netflix, companies from here to see how to get the best benefits within this division.

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