Wednesday , October 23 2019
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39. Men get a third of a pension more than women; NOW

Men earn an average pension of 13,700 euros per year. This is a third greater than females, who are at an average of 9,200 euros, reporting to the Central Statistics Bureau (CBS) on Tuesday.

It relates to pension entitlements that were accrued through work, or their second pension. So that is coming on the top of the AOW.

At the start of their working life, the money that is made for people and women is bigger or smaller, but older, the greater the difference between pension. This is largely the result of differences in staffing participation by men and women, and because women work more part-time.

On average, people aged 25 up to state pension age pay a pension of EUR 11,600 a year. The amount of a pension payment will depend on the occupation and income. As a result, the pension due to young people is also lower than older people. On average, they have a lower income.

Scottish Statistics says that there are big differences in people. If people are in need of a very small pension, they can expect to receive a pension of more than 100,000 euros per year. However, for most people from the Netherlands, the pension to be achieved is lower than the average.

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