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9 months on GGZ waiting list – The Daily Standard

This can only be done in Holland. T "Nationalized care" long life.

In recent years, many Dutch people did not understand that Americans were seriously opposed to ObamaCare, the Obama care plan which would care nationally. Why, did people from the Netherlands say? That is possible everyone afford healthcare, everyone has the chance to blame. In fact, every American already has care – there are programs for people without a good income – but yes, explain that the average person in Holland who listens to the propaganda is against America of the NOS and RTL.

Anyway, it is because many Americans see nothing in national care to some degree… the experiences we have received in Europe with that. Unlike America, we have long waiting lists. Not only for "operations," but also people with psychological complaints. For example, read about this difficult issue: t

“She should have cancer, that she will be treated appropriately immediately. ”Marieke is tough, her daughter is 13 years old sorely assaulting. She suffers from anorexia, she gets an average of 37.5 kg (BMI of 13) and was admitted to the general hospital for compulsory food yesterday. Is appropriate treatment in a specialist clinic? Connect with it and stay nine months.

Nine months!

Mother Marieke sent a letter to Minister Hugo de Jonge about this issue. It is very difficult:

"Immediately we were clear that she had anorexia, the doctor listed a clinic waiting list that could manage her mental disorder. We immediately heard that waiting lists were very long; it is hoped that our daughter will be supported after 9 months. Without other interim support, she has undoubtedly died.

"Within three weeks of this announcement, the girl was forced to be admitted to Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht with an extremely severe shortage and several assaulted members. not enough. Fortunately, the children's friend was able to be put on an emergency waiting list at the surgery, but it appears that this waiting list is longer than a few months. "

After five weeks, she got back home, was strong enough. Two weeks later he had already completed it. It is not surprising, really, that you are not just overcoming anorexia. There's a good thing there psychological treatment required.

A Member of Parliament, Lisa Westerveld, believes that this is perfectly correct. As such, she has asked the minister parliamentary questions; ask questions in answer to ASAP.

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