A house in the Moluccan area of ​​Maastricht daubed, residents divide against neo-Moluccans

There was an unoccupied house in the Moluccan area of ​​Maastricht which was damaged and damaged. "This is the nature of Moluccan. On the window only for Moluccans". Eggs were also thrown against the face.

This was probably due to a recent letter sent by a group of young people to the Moluccan community. They had learned that non-Moluccans would stay at the rented house, writing 1 Limburg. The letter states that, in recent years, the government wants more and more impoverished families to enter Molyccan's neighbors.

High rent

"This is done, amongst other things, by splitting the rental prices in such a way that the average Moluccan family cannot stay with children named in the letter.

In a written response, Woonpunt announced that agreements were made with the Molyccau residents committee on the allocation of vacant properties. "These agreements mean that people who have a connection with the Moluccan area will have priority, so long as they meet the criteria that affect both their home and the home. T the income. "

He is not a suitable candidate

According to the housing organization, this particular home did not adequately refer to the Moluccan community, and subsequently some non-Moluccs were invited to attend. “We've been working exactly as we've agreed. Some people from the Moluccan area don't agree with that,” writing Woonpunt. So we have this discussion again with the community. "

The Woonpunt calls that the demolition and knocking are inappropriate. Two years ago, the same thing happened in Gennep.

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