Friday , August 23 2019
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Almost Ziggo is almost overseas

Many Ziggo buyers have been worried by most of the day's failure. As a result, internet and phone calls were not based in different parts of the country. Thousands of people suffered after him.

According to Ziggo, the problem was wrong, but most problems have been resolved since then. It is hoped that everything will work properly again during the evening. Through a customer service, the company advises people to reinstate their modem if they continue to experience difficulties.

Problems with cash registers

Today, Ziggo customers in Limburg and parts of Noord-Brabant had an adverse impact. That caused inconvenience among hospitality campaigners, 1Limburg reports.

The Markt and Vrijthof in Maastricht house consisted of several restaurants and had a number of silver scheduling systems. This meant that orders had to be hand delivered. At hotels, there were no maintenance systems and the guests did not have WiFi in their rooms.

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