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Big memento: Lil Kleine presents a gift to Rolexen

He presents this special gift in honor of his exhibition called The Concert, which the rapper will deliver in May. Ronnie Flex, Frenna, Yung Felix and Xander de Buisonjé are the lucky people who receive Rolex from the rapper. Joke dear, because the amounts around the clock can go up to 30,000! With a comparison between the illustrations and the detective work on the giant's site, it is likely that this is the Daydate 31, which is a new sale for just over 7.5,000 euro.

The interior is a richly decorated clock with decorated carvings. This shows the name of the exhibition and the date. "There is a night to remember it. So I want to remind some of the guests who visit me by inviting lots of people. We 're going to write a history of it," protection of Kleine the worrying action.

The first exhibition was sold completely in too long a time later and an additional reception was announced. The show promises that a lot of new and unprecedented music has already been featured on the Ziggo Dome website. Its recently announced collaborations, including Past Time's monster, will be premiered for the first time. And it is also the first time a rap artist from the Netherlands is playing alone in Ziggo Dome.

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