D66 Minister Sigrid Kaag will find politics very difficult for citizens #Buitenhof

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Sigrid Kaag is a fantastic issue. What she claims is that she is far from the co-shealladh factory, where you are in Hilversum, as a cultist politician / worker with a new assembly with another new situation, # 39; responding to a timescale. If you sat, like Kaag, around their board with the Syrian system on behalf of the UN to allow them to finally agree to & # 39; Give up your chemical weapons, it is a great impact that you do not worry about it & # 39; 101 & on Teletext; Something of the political interviewees and VARA-nestor Paul Witteman, a poor man, after the last seventy years DWDD has acknowledged that he was constantly looking for successful broadcasting – with & # 39; hot news, like that – being able to talk. With its history as an international diplomat, Sigrid Kaag is the first one who recognizes the future of teletext on 101.

According to Wikipedia, it is polyglot & # 39; and she speaks fluently six languages, & nbsp; including Arabic. There was no surprise that Ms Kaag spoke a pair of trousers when she was invited to take care of Abel Herzberg's speech last year, despite the Netherlands's dangerous inaccuracies. To give this attention more emphasis, she achieved national society within five minutes. Perhaps it was probably copied from Frans Timmermans, or vice versa. At least. I want to say, especially by looking at her CV: maybe it's going to have a & # 39; Miss Kaag has two pages worth the other part of the cabinet. She certainly has not been loyal in the decades. And if it's possible, it's not good to get 101. Apart from that, when the word falls & Twitter, I'll usually go to the # 39; Twitter & # 39; look dirty – as well as fun.

Why is Sigrid Kaag then on a separate case in a negative way? My thoughts and actions were there Buitenhof Yesterday, I did not worry, on the other hand. Although Ms. Kaag traveled on behalf of her & # 39; witchcraft democracy, D66, a & # 39; cabinet, I do not know a politically openly hostile to democracy. In fact, I'm sorry to make Sigrid Kaag (and, in fact, it's not often done, I'm taking something wrong), I & # 39; make sure that I always record their displays so I can see it back. And what does it appear? Mrs. Kaag is married to her; & & # 39; conjecture concept. As soon as she gets critical questions, she will explain that something & # 39; complex & # 39 ;. And the next step in the rationalization style, Kaag, is not easy & easy solutions; there. For a group of research or weekend philosophy, this fundamental way can be very fond of. No for a session of a continuous meeting or prayer service of the United Nations. But as a politician, it seems to me that not one of your main actions to apply to & # 39; complexity to & # 39; Driving everyone away and then, as a complex queen of self-courage, could be able to disturb the complex problem. But, on the other hand, to simplify the complexity of the options that can be understood by lovers, which allows people to go to the voting bills.

Hugo Logtenberg, Buitenhof's showman, had a good idea of ​​where Achilles was ridiculed in Kaag. Whether the Insanity was invalid or not, what Kaag asked, ask him, to offer the Dutch native who had been to see the neighborhood & # 39; feeling & # 39; Over the decades have disappeared and did not feel more at home. Well. The answer & nothing was & # 39; obvious enough for Ms Kaag. So she started setting the location & # 39; and she revealed some hard work paths such as training and language skills (D66-hobbyhorses) when you created that you were not happy with the unhappy voices, of course, not sure, haha! , & # Format ;. However, there is a fun response. For mental health, I already saw her; Miss Kaag was in a busy craft room to break the uncertain speech bubbles from the vulnerable neighbors and give them more academic accountable texts. On the question she was in; as she said, "I do not, I don't give up."

In Sigrid Kaag's head, I think politics is a meeting of people who are full of complexity & # 39; What are things, getting their nets for easy solutions and when they reach elections, they are saying that & # 39; Populists resemble Baudet and Wilders for easy solutions &, and then the voter must be sure they will not work. Ms Kaag may be so quick that this is indeed the future of politics: a caste of celebrities that constantly bend over the & # 39; We have complex problems and are so skilled and trustworthy that we are Choosing long-term politicians just as uncommon the election of craftsmen, craftsmen or surgeons.

Those who listen carefully to the minister D66 Sigrid Kaag will hear a democrat, but a confident doctor who does not want to be a harassment of voter.

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