Diagnosis from type 2 diabetes within a few weeks

Diagnosis from type 2 diabetes within a few weeks

A lifestyle program helps diabetic patients, for example, to absorb insulin.

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Get rid of your cure within a few weeks with a healthier lifestyle. A program of guidance, designed for a type 2 diabetic patient, will start in Maastricht and Venlo. Zorgverzekeraar VGZ is paying a large part of the costs.

The program started & Converted diabetes 2 & # 39; in Brabant in 2016. Since then, about a thousand patients with diabetes have taken part. More than 90% of them got rid of drug use, saying Caroline van Bemmel from the Foundation Nutrition Foundation, which offers a & # 39; program.


For the first time, the program, which lasts six months, is also offered in Limburg: in the middle of its March, a group will begin in Maastricht and a month later in Venlo. Many organizations start with great interest. Voich Stichting works with local careers and local care providers. The program progresses on a healthier lifestyle, where the socks, relaxation, sleepiness, exercise, and in particular a different diet. In diabetes type 2, sugar metabolism is banned, with an unhealthy lifestyle as an important cause.

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The number of patients with type 2 diabetes has increased rapidly in recent years. At the same time, there are around a million patients.

The foundation of its lifestyle program was developed by the student of professor and diabetes, Hanno Pijl, linked to the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). With subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Voiding Leeft Foundation tested in 2014 with a small number of diabetes patients 2. When, two years later, a larger group of 75 people After completing his medication, VGZ decided to repay the record for the three-year period.

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"We're doing that because it's committed to the future", says VGZ spokesperson. "The reason for success is very high. The important thing now is to see whether it will affect long-term, that is, at least people who have completed a medication can do so in a few years. "TNO is a & n; Keep track of the methodology to provide scientific support to be able to come, saying the speaker.

In addition, VGZ is investing in a & # 39; Increase the experience of physicians about the impact of lifestyle on health. For example, courses have started with that topic recently on medical training in Maastricht.

In Maastricht, Monday 11 February is the information meeting on the program (Grand Hotel de l'Empereur), at Venlo it's on Tuesday 12th February (Town Hall) Register through www.keerdiabetesom.nl.

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