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Expats will pay house prices in Amsterdam Money

People usually have a higher income than ordinary people in Amsterdam, and they often look for a home under pressure. This will lead to higher prices and this impact will continue for a short time, according to the HIE report.

Since falling in 2013, a house in Amsterdam has more than 70% more expensive. Nationally, prices rose by nearly 30%.


More and more people come to Amsterdam for work. In 2018 this was 9600, 33% more than 2012. The number of international students is also growing strongly, from 1800 in 2012 to almost 5000 in 2018.

Overall, the organization that moved to Amsterdam for work or study in 2018 represented 1.7% of the population.

Lack of housing

There are not enough houses for these migrations. The increase in owner-occupiers and rented accommodation in the private sector, where most of the visits are inspected at least, is lower than inward migration from international touring and international students.

This directs the price of the house. Attendance also means that private investors are more interested in buying a house for a good price to rent.

Good wages

In 2017, almost half, 46%, of the trips resulted in more than € 50,000. This is only 27% of Amsterdammers' average. T

HIE anticipates that more and more employment opportunities will be coming to capital in the years to come, partly as a result of the Brexit.

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