Firefox is going to erase NON-moving audio videos

In the Mozilla Firefox web browser updated there is a new post that will be & # 39; Automatically block everyone to play videos with sound. This must stop an unexpected sound problem.

The new feature should make sure videos do not play sounds only. In renewal 66 the new work is spread in Firefox for PC and Mac. The update is scheduled for March 19.

A movie that starts to start & # 39; play when you open your page promptly with its new activity if there is also audio. When the audio is not detected with their browser, the video will start.

Users can locate the websites to prevent them from being active and can add exceptions, for example for YouTube.


There is a movie that plays sound alone when they play; Opening a new page, according to web browser developers, is a major frightening.

This work has been available for a while in Firefox version for PC. The Firefox Android version impeded a self-video video, just like browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

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