First Kiss native film film at the first time

In the film, Leontine Borsato, along with GTST actors Caroline De Bruijn and Stijn Fransen, play a leading role. This is the first time in the next five years that Leontine Borsato will be featured in a cinema film. She gave her children Senna, Luca and Jada to her red brass.

Borsato has a successful First Kiss cosmetics company. She gets a strong competition from an actress who has no crowned Jeanette and her daughter Germaine, played by Caroline De Bruijn and Stijn Fransen.

Monique Smit features her first feature in First Kiss. Monique, his friend, Martijn Molleman gave her first look to show her how she is. Performing a program reporter post Face Lift (fictitious) TV.

Buddy Vedder has a role in representation as the beautiful Yannick photographer. Vajèn van den Bosch, Bastiaan Ragas and Christiaan van der Wal also have a place in the First Kiss, who plays in the cinema of photographs; Holland from November 28.

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