GGD: We have more and more residents at Eindhoven Airport, preventing them NOW

Eindhoven Airport residents have more and more say they are having a bad problem. Their concerns about health complaints caused by air noise or pollution have also increased since 2012, according to research by the GGD on Thursday.

This is the fourth time that such research has been carried out. The questionnaire ended more than 2,700 people. The first edition of the latest research was given in Eindhoven on Thursday afternoon.

About 15 per cent of residents occupy ten towns in the region experiencing bad noise, according to the survey. In 2012, that division was almost half smaller.

Almost half of the people who live close to their homes. airports that respond to the sound (46 per cent). In a zone just around Eindhoven Airport, a quarter of the people also have a awakens regularly from the sound.

In addition, a large proportion of people living nearby are very concerned about their health due to sound (49 per cent) and air pollution (45 per cent).

The survey was resumed in December and January when requested by Secretary-State Secretary Pieter van Geel. He works on advising Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure) about the future of the airport.

The questionnaire ended more than 2,700 people. In April he wants to offer his advice to the minister.

Airport is against growth boundaries

Eindhoven Airport is against growth boundaries. In 2020, the airport reaches the largest number of permissions that are allowed (43,000 per year).

By the end of 2019, a decision on the future of the largest regional airport in the Netherlands must be made. Van Geel aims to advise with the largest support in the department.

According to Van Geel, the first result of the GGD study is based on its expectations. Eindhoven's air traffic has grown dramatically in recent years and has also expanded the problem, he replied.

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