& Huawei is a & # 39; Encouraging secret business robbery Apple & # 39;

That will describe the Information site The Information on the basis of anonymous sources of sources. Huawei, for example, would have been on a half hour trying to give out secret information in a talk with a provider for the Apple Watch. He was involved in delivering heart level sensors.

A company MacBook Pro connection in 2016 would also be copied in a & # 39; MateBook Pro X itself from 2018. One of the ways to extract information is that Huawei is a " talk to Apple staff before. Even if they are a Huawei application. "It was clear that they were instead trying to get information about Apple than they thought they would accept me," said one of the sources.

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According to the Justice Department, Huawei staff will even even receive an award for secrecy information. The information will be more secret, higher than the boots.

Apple's stolen information would not have been blocked. Also, Cisco, Motorola and Akhan Semiconductor would have been attacking Huawei previously.


Huawei's image has been severely damaged over the past year. President of the US asked Donald Trump to block Huawei in the United States, as a Chinese company was accordingly; spirit for the Chinese government.

Other Western countries are also thinking about being able to; drag to Huawei material. The British mystery service today has a risk that Huawei is not easy to manage & This is seen as a breach for American ally.

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