Is steam bitcoin through $ 4,200? Tezos rises 59% through Coinbase agreement


Crypto 10.15f – Bitcoin has remained relatively stable this weekend. The big question still is whether the bulls will be tired? The level at the time of writing is $ 4,124 (well: Messari). What does Stef of Tuinder from shared retailers say about a bitcoin course? Altcoin Tezos is doing a good business this week and is increasing by 57%.

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Is steam bitcoin through $ 4,200?

Den Tuinder

Bitcoin has remained constant at the end of this week. it was redecorated around $ 4,130. we are currently slightly below the $ 4,100 dollar rate. In my opinion, we need to get through that today if we want to make another difference tomorrow

In addition, at this time we have an interesting four-hour movement on the chart. Is this enough to worry about the bulls or do we break the $ 4,100 and try out the $ 4,200 limit?

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Tezos (XTZ) rises 57% in one week

The altcoin Tezos (XTZ) continues to rise in days gone by. During the last 24 hours, the crypto currency has recorded more than 20%. The weekly score is not less than 57%. The reason that Tezos is recorded is Coinbase Custody.

Only less than sixty clients of this part of Coinbase, together with $ 600 million in capital, can create "strike" on Tezos.

Typically: by holding XTZ they will receive an interest. New blocks are available to stop. The more you are, the more you get to the block.

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