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It will be easier to change your sex according to your birth certificate

Transsexual people will find it easier to convert their species to their birth certificate. A statement from the person worried that he or she wants to live in a different sex is now good enough, the Minister for Legal Protection Dekker writes to the lowest House.

Now a change is required from a doctor or psychologist. The idea behind this is that it has been decided in this way whether someone does a trick. Healthcare providers and interested parties have already complained about this issue. They miss it with no use, expensive and against the right to self-determination.

The new system will be in two stages. A transgender initially informs the town that it wants to change the registration form. After four weeks this must be personally verified at the desk, after which the civil status officer will vary the birth certificate.

Young people through the courts

Species can only be converted to official documents from your 16th birthday. But according to many experts, many young people already know before they are 16 that they are in the right body and they want to live in a different kind.

Dekker also wants to create the opportunity for these young people to change their gender registration. As he receives more care in that organization, this needs to be done through a judge.

The current rules come from a Transgender Act five years ago. According to Dekker, evaluation shows that this law is meeting need and that implementation does not cause major problems.

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