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KNMI warns bad weather on Monday NOW

KNMI published a yellow code for Monday morning due to heavy windfall. The valid notice is between 5.00 and 2.00pm and applies to all sections.

Even on Sundays in some places he already has a & # 39; wind bends strongly 5. In the evening from Monday to Monday the wind will grow longer. A wind climb between 75 and 90 kilometers per hour can be made, the KNMI and Weerplaza report.

On the east coast and on the Wadden Islands, it is possible to get stormy so that wind temperatures can be more than 100km per hour. Also around the IJsselmeer it is expected to be a & # 39; blow harder than in the rest of the country.

The KNMI and Weerplaza state that Monday traffic could suffer from strong wind. There are carved spades in many places in the country in the coming days. Because he also has a & # 39; Strongly blow over land, beekeepers also worry about them.

The warning will apply to Monday at least on the # 39; whole morning. According to the Royal National Kingdom Institute (KNMI), the wind gradually decreases from the south after midnight, but it is still very windy all day on Monday. It is changing again so quickly with occasionally some water. Evening it will be more dry.

Even in the days after Monday it's still changed with occasional showers. The teles will come out between 8 and 10 degrees.

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