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Lack of clarity about the motion: Complaints can be substantive;

The transition is the period in which menstruation becomes irregular and eventually stops. The last time the menopause is. Women are 51.4 years old at most when they come there. But with 200,000 women, the movement comes before age 40.

A different councilor Desiree Tijhuis will see many of these women working. “Sometimes women in their early 40s consult with big signs of blood,” Tijhuis tells EditieNL. “They often rely on other pressures such as weight and adolescents, but they often rely on factors such as young and old ones. are already moving over. "

Burnt and vexatious complaints

And that's the time when the movement is real. "Women can get very difficult complaints," said Tijhuis. "They can be heavy, can make complaints with burning or less."

Naturally, the movement can also cause a lot of dose. Charges include hot flasks, sleep problems and feelings of emotion. Many women are therefore affected. "The organization is very much reorganizing." The transition between five and fifteen years can be given.

More attention

The Transition Week organizers want to give more attention to the movement. “We note that there is a lot of experience in moving and what can be meant for women,” Liesbeth Josiassen told EditieNL. laugh. Women often find out just what is happening. "And this cloud can, for example, create challenges in the workplace if women are working less well because of the sugar symbols.

Josiassen emphasizes, among other things, the importance of your lifestyle during the transition. "There are fewer stresses, a healthy weight, lots of exercise, a strong alcohol spend and a surety for good health. The treatment of hormone can also be treated."

Information and factions about the movement

Smoking will make you earlier
Information. The transition starts on a two-year average earlier for women who are smoking.

Swallowing hormones don't help symptoms of the body
Tallest. During the transition, production of the estrogen hormone can fall to 80 per cent. Estrogen is the female hormone that keeps skin, bones, vessels, artefacts, muscles, muscles and kidneys. The fall of hormone can cause symptoms of lice. Swallowing horns can compensate for this dip in their own output.

The move is just beginning after your 55th birthday
Tallest. Sometimes first marks may start before the age of 40. Average women aged 51.4 when they reach the mesh are average.

80% have signals in the move
Information. Signs can be calm, but also so hard that it is no longer able to work properly. One third of women suffer from a grievance procedure. The early breakdown (under 40 years) is a dangerous risk for heart disease.


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