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Less deer to be killed than intended. Inside

The reason why the number of targets not achieved was largely due to the rough start in December. The deer would then stay close to bad weather. By the end of December there was only 97 deer. Staatsbosbeheer then spread the days and times again. For this reason, January was the prime month for the hunters, when 825 deer were killed. This was also due to the relatively low temperature, which forced the animals to be more active. Things didn't go so well in February and March. 432 and 391 red deer died separately.

"But we were able to kill lots of animals," said the spokesman Joke Bijl. What is most important to us? To describe the other Oostvaardersplassen residents, for example, we have recorded significant breaks on the days. ”

Hunting does not take place between 1 April and 1 September, as the breeding season happens. Staatsbosbeheer subsequently reduced its deer numbers to 490 by 1 January. This number will be higher after the summer than it is now. "But then we have to kill fewer animals than last year," said Bijl. Flevoland also asks the University of Utrecht to investigate the feasibility and feasibility of animal segregation as an alternative to diminishing. T

With the shot, the group wanted to put a stop to last year's festivities, when a large group of deer suffered food loss and was finally killed. Staatsbosbeheer started on 10 December, more than three months afterwards. This was because of the many legal actions that were raised by animal groups. The people involved were also given dangerous emails and violent telephone calls.

Ultimately, of the 2320 deer, about 575 have lived in the Oostvaardersplassen, which is replaced by 490. A group of about 180 horses konik from the region are moving to Spain and Belarus. The thirty horses that have already visited Spain have arrived. When the move to Belarus is finished, 450 horse riders have arrived.

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