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Major new virus checkers suggested

Major new virus checkers suggested

Please tick.

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There is a major national survey into the dangerous TBE viruses, which may be causing meningitis in humans.

This year more than 10,000 tickets from more than twenty locations in the Netherlands will be collected and tested for the virus, RIVM says.

“Given that we still do not know where the virus is circulating, health professionals (GPs, doctors, insects) know throughout the Depression about this disease and TBE is included. in our public and national information initiatives, "said a spokesman from the RIVM.

Arnold van Vliet, a biologist from Wageningen University and Research (WUR), and radar drew also believe a warning is necessary. "The number of cases of illness is growing," said Van Vliet. "Lyme's disease is much more common, but we need to keep a close eye on this kind of thing."

Skin deer

In 2016, encephalitis (a tick) appeared for the first time on the Sallandse and Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The virus was found in gartan, which was found on a deer skin. Until then, the TBE virus was only recognized in Sweden, Germany and Austria. A patient in Holland was included by the virus. The reason for RIVM was to carry out further research. Amongst other things, red deer were examined by deer.

A recent announcement by a number of researchers shows that the number of diseases is rising: the TBE virus is now appearing in eleven areas. A disease was already found on the edge of Zeeland with Brabant.


It is true, we have also found antibodies against the TBE virus in Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland. We have gathered this information together with the DWHC (The Dutch Wildlife Health Center). Although the information is a first indication that a TBE could also be circulating in those provinces, it needs to be explored further by testing out these areas for the virus. Along with WUR, RIVM is looking for ways to make the virus more widely known. "

In Belgium, several people were awarded a TBE virus following a bite with a tick. Unable to remove a patient from Belgium who has visited Zeeland last year that he has got the virus in our majority, the newspaper said. Belgian Het Laatste Nieuus in October.

The new virus, which often happens abroad, can be diagnosed with symptoms similar to flu such as fever, headache, aching muscles and muscles and, in the worst case, meningitis. .

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