Wednesday , July 24 2019
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Many of the clocks in three student houses in Utrecht

In three Utrecht student homes, residents have been affected by a plug virus. The GGD has already diagnosed the condition with a test in five people; with three suspicions of the disease.

Patients are not connected to review, connection or action. The houses have the same agreement as RTV Utrecht.

It is caused by a virus. The disease often starts with symptoms similar to that of flu. After a few days, the sensible glands become poor, causing an inflammation of the cheek or throat.

Most people are better off after a week. In some cases, hearing damage or testicular disease may appear.

Children get BMR vaccines for 14 months and 9 years. This protection is reducing in some young adults, the GGD says.

No issue is unique amongst students. It is an age group that lives closely together and has a lot of different. "Ten years ago, the disease was extinct among students, also in Utrecht," said GGD doctor Brandwagt. "Pupils in Eindhoven had the virus last year, but it did not spread."

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