Marc de Hond enters into chemotherapy as & # 39; important patient & # 39; NOW

Marc de Hond made paraplegia due to a medical error, but she is not scared to go wrong again. The actor and theater maker, who is currently being treated with bladder cancer, is an essential patient suffering.

"It's often uncertain for people to ask, but doctors can not do anything without talking to them," said their 41-year-old Maurice de Hond comment Woman"After that I want to find out what the plan is, how to do it and what it will drink last night, haha."

His impression has even come to an end. "I had been able to interfere with two or three mistakes in the hospital by translating the time and asking questions."

Despite this, the theater maker has confidence in his doctor. "In fact it's hard – especially because of what I know – rely on someone completely, but I can not get rid of that stream from my own. The doctor which works to me to perform the same method around 35 times a year, so I think it's possible to do it. "

The dogs will definitely enter into a positive way

On Christmas Day, it was known that De Hond's uncertain tumor was an old man and should be treated as quickly as possible.

De Hond is waiting for chemotherapy and then the eel must be removed. "You need to do it in life with the cards you are sharing, there is an opportunity to get back, and I'll take that opportunity with both hands," he said .

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