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Maurice de Hond's Comment: A Democracy Forum can become even bigger

If we are moving into the current FVD election setting, it can be proven that more potential growth is possible because many of the other PVV voters allow FVD to vote. Fewer than 85% of PVV voters from 2017 show that they are now voting FVD or giving that party the chance to vote.

It is clear that FVD has won VVD during and after the election campaign. However, the opportunity is more than FVD that is well on VVD than the PVV. This does not mean, however, that VVD is excluded from the risk zone, because the proportion of VVDs now giving the SCA is equal t So, getting more about voting is growing. This seems to be in reference to more than CDA ministers (Hoekstra, De Jonge, Grapperhaus), with clearly lower VVD ones (Dekker, Wiebes and Rutte too).

This is due to a combination of this week with FVD and CDA 1 seats rising and VVD and PVV 1 falling. As a result, FVD now has 6 seats ahead of VVD.
Because polling accounts were not available from other organizations and – usually the Voting Instructions (VVD are still 17% and VVD at 9%), which is more pronounced on interesting election movements. he produced a separate report today. (pdf) A closer look at the relationship between voting behavior on 20 March and two major changes

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