Microsoft is proposing companies will have a & # 39; using Internet Explorer A-NIS

A security expert from Microsoft will call its users' convenience to set a different browser in Internet Explorer.

For companies, Internet Explorer is a support solution, but not a browser that is intended for the daily use of the internet, and # 39; Writer of Microsoft Security Expert Chris Jackson in blog post.

The browser is still there and IT staff are user-friendly due to & # 39; Older uninstalled web applications still work well in the browser.

"We do not support new webpages for Internet Explorer," a & # 39; Jackson writes. "Although most websites work well, developers do not test their Internet Explorer websites, they will test with new browsers. "

Microsoft changed several years ago from the Internet Explorer to Edge browser. The company plans to run the browser on Google's Google Chrome source of the future, which will continue to run. making faster sites, for example.

The company still has a & # 39; Supporting the way of Enterprise for Internet Explorer 11, but it's a change to a newer browser. The old versions are not supported yet.

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