Thursday , April 9 2020
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Niantic announces BugOut 2019 for Pokemon GO

As we hadn't enough news, we were still not ready. Niantic has just identified BugOut 2019 as a special event for a bug. The Tuesday event will start at 10am.

The BugOut 2019 event will start on the following Tuesday at 10am. And the following advantages can be found:

  • There are more strains of the bug
  • Incense takes longer
  • More Pokemon comes near incense

There aren't any messages about shinies yet, but fortunately that didn't say anything more last year. We then had on London. Fortunately, some of the Pokemon bug is polishing anyway. Think Caterpie and Pineco.

Next week we will be giving more information about our event through our social media. We are also very curious about, for example, the new questionnaires.

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