NTR opposes the application of the Staartjes Art on Sesame Street A-NIS

The NTR discusses the application of Staartjes Art Sesame Street against him. Pigtails said Tuesday in the town Coen and Sander Exhibition on Radio 538 that new programs of the children's program are no longer done.

"The news is not right," said NTR spokesman to NU.nl.

"We expect to continue Sesame StreetAfter the summer there are new programs Sesame Street to see, with scenes that were killed last year. We negotiate with Sesame Workshop about a new contract that needs to start this disaster. "

Staartjes at Radio 538 said the last recordings in the studio were held this year in March. "We were always kept on the line," said the 79-year-old actor.

"We wanted to negotiate with America and we would see it again, we would know in August, it would be in September later, and we did not hear anything from that time, which means you never hear anything. "

There are pigtails, which can be seen in the series such as Mr Aart, which he expects to sit on. "To all those people: the writers and the writers, we were a strong team, that was just sent away."

Sesame Street seen at NPO3 at 18 hours. In 2009 the period was extended to 5.30pm and the program was transferred to NPO1. Since 2016, the program can only be viewed by a digital subject channel.

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