Open TB found by a student in Hengelo, which includes 44 other

An open cast was found at a Twente ROC student in Hengelo. As TB is infectious, the GGD Twente has investigated in its environment. This showed that 44 people were arrested, RTV Oost statements. Of those, there are TBs in six people, but according to the GGD they can not affect others.

In total, around 150 people were inspected. In the future, 150 people will be inspected. The results of these studies are expected at the center of the page; March.

At Hengelo student, the TB was watching a few months ago. It was handled and is no longer infectious for its environment.


TB is an infectious disease in TB; It can end in the lungs. No matter who arises, complains about cough (sometimes blood), fever, tiredness, nightclubs and wear.

You can be banned if someone is TB-led. Not all those who are sick are also treated. It can take months to two years before a patient becomes ill with disease. If TB is tested a long time, the medicine can be cured with a medication.

A disease decision is made with a skin test. A small attack is placed on the arm with a test slack. If a knock happens within a few days, it can be & # 39; means there is a disease. Blood test can further show if antibodies are opposed to spending. A lung picture is also made if there is a disease.

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