Police showcase the Wilders face

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Concerning citizens was complained about when the police implemented the Geert Wilders in Enschede action. The objectors expressed concern about PVV, convicted of discrimination, among other things. They called texts such as "Kenneth Weg Wilders, it was never a faisma!", RTV Oost Reports. His / her value was not valued; use of freedom of expression.

Approximately fifty PVV sympathy had come on the Geert Wilders tour in Enschede. NRC produced an audio report about the enjoyment of the PVV leader's loyal loyalists. Wilders electors are often suffering from accuracy, but they appear to be clear that they are completely different from that of a & # 39; think. According to them, it is not a glossy but flat in the ground:

Caryl Kirk is from Hengelo in the background. He is supporting Wilders "because he is the only one who speaks the truth." "We're all worried," said Kirk. What about? "The largest part was 500 years ago, when Copernicus asked that the earth is round." Kirk brought his daughter with him. She believes that the earth is round. According to Kirk, that's "physical exercise". He has seen videos on the internet that the International Speech Station "is hung on hooks and wires" in a movie studio.

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