Thursday , February 27 2020
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Roda JC is caused by confusion: "I got this Roda JC unworthy"

FC Eindhoven's coordinator David Nascimento saw his team on Friday night, but he still lost his goal to Roda JC. It was no wonder the Cape Breton born speaker thought Roda had traveled to Stadium Jan Louwers.

The Limburggers were almost overweight for the first 90 minutes, but finally won the goal of Gyliano van Velzen. "I got this Roda JC-unworthy, that that big club is playing in such a way," answered Nascimento after that. FOX Sport. "To compete, you have two teams. But Roda JC has been close to our goal three times and have visited twice."

Defender Roda Daryl Werker agreed that his team had very little final point. "It's the tastiest things. Playing so badly and then winning …", he told FOX Sports. "We chose to play on the competition because that is better for us. But the game at the game was very sad."

As a result of his impact on Aalsterweg, Roda is playing for the game: the Erwin van der Luer team is in eighth place, with three points ahead of NEC. FC Eindhoven thirteen, one point behind the Nijmegen team: both teams are currently in danger of falling out of a ship after a competition.

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