Rotterdam Research: a healthy lifestyle continues on a life of six years longer

Those who do not smoke, which are not too heavy and have a fault weight, and stay on average for six years longer. This is shown by a large, long-term Rotterdam demography program.

Analysts from the Country published yesterday's interim results in the medical journal of PLoS Medicine.

The data from over 9000 participants in the Rotterdam research called this was used for inspection. Since 1989, the residents' health of Rotterdam Ommoord area was monitored.

Nine years previously sick

The researchers used data from 1989 to 2012. According to the research director and erasologist of Erasmus MC Arfan Ikram, the search for the first "hard data" shows the relationship between life and The risk of being in danger of one or more disease life.

Typically, computer models are used for similar checks or often one disease has been identified, says Ikram.

The Rotterdam study has shown the six diseases that are managed by; World Health Organization (WHO) is the largest death: cancer, central brain disease (dementia), heart disease, diabetes and lung lung diseases.

Among other things, it was recorded when someone was opposing one of these diseases for her & her; first time. People who are too heavy, smoking and with high blood pressure appears on average nine years earlier so that such a condition can be a healthier lifestyle.

In more than a quarter of the cases, people are unhealthy who are the first person who is inactive; heart disease breeding. Of those who are healthy, this opportunity is almost 10 per cent lower. In this group, it is usually cancer – in almost a third of cases – a & # 39; first disease.


The biggest difference between the two groups is the possibility of dementia as their first main situation that they need to deal with. This is almost 20 per cent for people who live healthy. With a healthy lifestyle that is just over 4 per cent.

According to the Ikram research director, this difference can be explained because healthier people become ill after that, means that there is an opportunity to carry old age disease as a dementia.

Ikram: "They already prevent other diseases with their lifestyles, you will surely die with something, but if you live healthy, you can live without disease enjoy longer. "

Rotterdam's study shows everyone – healthy or unhealthy – a & # 39; end up with a life-threatening illness.

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