Rudi Lubbers back in the Netherlands: & Strange feeling, but I'm happy & # 39;

Le Lubbers "really bad" describing why he first did not want to return to Holland. He found that he was seen here as a drug trafficker. But after broadcasting Sport other times On 27 January, when he became clear that he lived with his wife, Ria Bartling, under severe conditions on a peaceful and cold plane in the eastern Bulgaria, the concepts were particularly advanced.

After a refurbishment campaign for Lubbers it was set, his son Marco decided to travel to Bulgaria. The couple did not see each other for two years and Marco did not know that his father was doing so badly. He confirms his father to return to Holland. And at Schiphol once, Lubbers look much harder than he is Sport other timesSouth Westerly

Rudi dancer

Its beard is cut and its hairy hair – though hidden under the ear – is cut. But the hands are handsome, big, sometimes benting with him once he has taken about Muhammad Ali's twelve moments. clicking on the banner without being known to him.

Lubbers have not yet forgotten some areas. "Hatsjaa", eight o'clock calls; Dutch prosecutor while Kees Jongkind, a NOS reporter, just before the interview begins, a & # 39; sold a tick in his old man with his & her; hard question. The explorer still exists.

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