Sanne (39) has been diagnosed with chronic cancer and has described its impact on its life

It is the World Cup Day, so we are currently going to; Reflection on the effect of this disease. When you need to catch chemistry and radiation, it is obvious that it is heavy. But life after the illness is often very intense.

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We took Sanne Bakker, which we identified breast cancer in 2016. At the same time, Sanne's health remedies have stopped, but she still has a cure to help her / her treatment process.

Chestnut Altar

When Sanne got her judgment, she did not know what she was going through. "It's the most amazing message you get into your life. You were just scared. The fear, and the same thing I felt, struck: oh no, my children (three and five years). This is my case and they will grow without me, that's the first thing that went through my head. "In the hospital they quickly said that psychological help was choice for Sanne and her husband. "Because we had young children, but also because it was a hard day."

Bad bad news

She and her partner did not say she was only ill, because there was more bad news. "It was a week before the first birthday of our youth. Today we also received a message that my husband would have a good friend to be given. A 32-year-old young man with cancer. One day my husband had a partner with cancer and he lost one of his best friends to the same illness. That's why we got cure together at Helen Dowling Institute (HDI). "

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Medicine for a process

This medicine was not only due to the bad news, but also to make this difficult time a little clearer for the family. "It's so unprivileged what your ideas are. You are always uncertain. I was very angry or angry when I was managing. The effects of the chemo Also, you'll find around half a pharmacy home, but if these drugs work out after your chemo, you will fall into a black hole. Sometimes I was going to do it. affecting my environment, but I usually do not like that. "

Misunderstanding of the environment

"And then misunderstanding. That's not that people understand you, but you can not explain yourself. If I have not been in cancer myself, I also say things wrong. it's hard, you do not want to be a patient, it is not sick. You do not want people to see if you have a tooth or do not even look, but you want to talk about it. It is an ongoing battle. "

Sanne with her family:


Life after cancer

Sanne was prepared with the cure for the effects after the cure, but fell to a hole. "I went well through chemo. So I thought: how hard it is? If this goes well, everything is right. But when the medical remedies are ready , you are not suddenly focusing on. The same thing I can worry about that time was that I was in hospital at the time, the decomposition (cemo, ed.) You're doing well in your body and you need to take the medication. But fear later. Pooh, with everything you & #. 39; feeling, a sense of blindness is broken out. "

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Corporate complaints

He cures behind him. "You want to hear that you are healed, and that is also a question that I often find:" Are you totally clean at the moment? "Maybe, but I'm not sure I can not deal with that question well. It's not easy to live, after that. It's so sad that you do not. You always have to & # 39; staying under patients You must continue to check checks and I am giving hormone. Because of this I need to continue to give hormones for ten years. I'm thinking: we are at least ten years later. But your body is suddenly a person who is twenty years old. I'm sorry when I & # 39: getting up from the loft, I'm getting hot enough. So that's so heavy. "

A coherent man

So the physical problems are radical, but Sanne still finds her fear of her; feeling worse. "It seems that it's done for the outside world. The cure is fair, so it's over. On the one hand you want that too, but for me it's not. I'm very tired. On a birthday date with many people I have been very motivated and then I'm so scared. I do not think it has so much impact after that. But I Speak a lot about it. I have enough partners with whom I have the best sport. In addition, the relationship between my spouse and my husband has become stronger. We have done this , we have done this together.

Sanne Bakker (39) continues to cure Helen Dowling Institute, where she helps her (and her partner) a & # 39; treating the disease.

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