Scholiere from Gouda died from meningococcal infectious disease

A Gouda scholar died from meningococcal disease. That is what the GGD recites.

The girl was in the Sunday hospital. She died The hospital or the GGD has on anyone who has been intense to communicate with it recently. How many people are not clear.

He is a scholar in Coornhert Galleries. She was in the sixth level. Today his class and his / her rest of the school were informed. The rector says to Omroep West that he has responded with harassment. "There is a lot of regret and we have set up a fantastic room to remind the pupil."


Meningococcal disease is tinnental. People get it through a beast. The chance that people are ill after a small disease. If it does, it can lead to brain fever or blood poisoning. Every year 140 patients get the disease. Around 20 of them will die, say the GGD.

Someone with meningococcal disease can become very ill. This sometimes happens within a few hours. For example, complaints, headache, cyanization and hard mill can be high in fever. The GGD requires people to be aware and talk to the GP directly with complaints.

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