Secretary of State: & # 39; Every 10 minutes to & # 39; training between nine main cities in 2040 & NOW

In 2040, a train needs to run every ten minutes between the nine cities in Derry. The German connection must also be significantly improved, says Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure) of the state in the interview with of VolkskrantSouth Westerly

The Secretary of State will come by Wednesday Future view Public Transport 2040, in which recommendations are made to make a Public Transport Charter larger according to the demand of travelers in twenty years.

The number of train passengers is expected to be 30 to 40 per cent higher than today, before that time of VolkskrantPost-Incentive should be able to travel the train rather than a car; limit CO2 emissions.

Van Veldhoven sees the problem in a ring of nine cities where each bridge needs a difference between driving. In addition to the towns in the Randstad, it is about Breda, Eindhoven, Arnhem, Nijmegen and Zwolle,

"People need to feel they can go to the station at any time," said the Secretary of State. The nine towns need to be nodes in the national, regional and local network.

ProRail, Head of the Ering Car says in a newspaper rejection that he is still a "bit more progressive" as long as it is worried. "Indeed you want to read 2030 now where there are 2040".

Fees for an implementation plan not yet available

It is not yet known how much the plans cost to be achieved at this time. For this the ideas must be worked out even longer.

But according to Van Veldhoven, it is already clear that the plans cost more than possible within the consensus agreement; at present.

"I think it is important that we see whether we can fund investments in public transport in a different way than just with cashpayers' money, as now," She says. De Volkskrant.

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