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Secured & # 39; Intel Core i9 9990XE appears online for 3000 euro – Computer News

The German CaseKing store is starting to sell in Core i9 9990XE for € 3000. Intel itself brings this fourth fourteen comparators and a 4GHz clock speed just by getting online for builders. end-systems.

The Core i9 9990XE is introduced without restriction in the CaseKing area. A buyer, for example, can send 99 pieces to the cartoon. The German shop is the first thing that the processor will deliver. Intel introduced the screens at an early stage this year with little advertising and then AnandTech told Intel to create a closed online auction quarterly lonely of the system. There will be only three system builders who would be involved in the first auction, including CaseKing, as it was now.

That store is said to be renowned for supplying non-products of hardware; The Core i9 9990XE was expected to go up to very high ready-made systems, but the processor appears to have now been delivered separately. At the project, there are fourteen hens and clock speeds at 4 GHz, with a Turbo of up to 5 GHz. Intel have specially selected the processors to be able to achieve these distances.

Intel Basin Skylake-X Refresh aircraft build
ModelCrescentTdpSpinning the thread.L3
L3 each
9-9990XE14/28255 W4.0 / 5.019.251,375266644€ 3000 *
9-9980XE18/36165 W3.0 / 4.524.751,375266644€ 1,999

* CaseKings sale price

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