Siabann in Heerenveen: His chosen roles were not & # 39;

Gerry Hamstra, technical manager of Sc Heerenveen, thinks he has been right in the soap about Morten Thorsby. Last month, a Viking player was removed from the Heerenveen election after going to Italy on his own to negotiate with Sampdoria. So he lost some training sessions.

"Let me be clear: as a club we did not create this situation: if you're going to work for a few days, you have a problem in every company, no more than the club", signage International Football from Hamstra's mouth.

"I still think that Morten is a good boy, but if I had let this, I would have had a trainer who did not want to train a week later, and you must draw a clear line. -mach, because I wanted to protect Morten, but it's there umfeld things that happen are not possible, our selection of agreements is not with us. "

"What he did was even more complicated than formerly unions with his old club, so Sampdoria did not give us the final sum; This month's purchase was so low that it did not mean anything. It is clear that this case does not know but losses, but again: the situation is not This is created by myself or with a club. "

On Tuesday they were told that Thorsby was again welcomed by choosing Jan Olde Riekerink the coach.

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