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Henk Fraser of Sparta Rotterdam has been trained after a team against FC Twente (0-3) has been discouraged not only with the performance of his team, but also with referee Serder Gözöbüyük.

Due to the loss, Sparta can temporarily give the title in the Kitchen Games Department. The fifth Rotterdammers is 11 points smaller than the director from Enschede.

Fraser complains about the purpose of the opening goal of Tom Boere. Gözöbüyük gave punishment to the guests, even though his appearance was to be removed from his / her; box. The coach said in a word and motions that he did not agree with that decision. That came to him on a yellow card.

Fraser was against that FOX Sport still angry about that event. "Does this person think we should all have respect, but to give me a yellow card and face, that respect? But I prefer to talk about it, he knows how I am Think about it for years. "

Although the coach did not go too far into the performance of Gözöbüyük, he found that the referee played a vital part in the game. "The penalty is a crucial time, that was a great ticket, and then the challenger will get more."

& # 39; We are short for the title & # 39;

Fraser knows himself that he can make feelings if he thinks he is unlawful. "It's something that needs to be developed, but this season has almost no problem and now I'm yellow, but in the end I'm going to ; think it's right, because I answered. "

Due to the loss, Sparta seems to be able to stimulate the Eredivisie only through playoffs. "We have a summary of the title, but we are still able to finish as tall as possible, so we do not have to play three tours in the playoffs, but it is my responsibility to ensure that The boys know what it is, if we go into the playoffs. "

As well as Fraser, the supporters were not happy with the performance of their team. They went after the story at the main door. Fraser understood that. "Football is the feelings, so it's not interesting for me, we're sick of it, and the fans have the right to be."

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