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Support for Ajax target Scherpen: "You saw it with Vermeer" t

Theo Janssen, Andy van der Meyde and Viggo Waas have the voice of VTBL's flag about the banners of the Ajax fans, who were aiming for FC Emmen gamekeeper and Ajax goalie Kjell Scherpen. There is largely a misconception.

The fans Ajax are angry and don't believe that Scherpen should come to Amsterdam because of the time the warden sent his love for the Feyenoord competitions and he said at the start t this season because he wants to be a regular guardian in Rotterdam-Zuid. "I don't understand this at all. One boy said about something," said Janssen.

Waas, who is also the assistant coach for the third waterfall De Dejk, as well as cabaratier. "His brother died. T you don't feel at all? Do you notice this? "Janssen answers:" You really think they are thinking? "

Janssen does not expect Scherpen to be the target when he arrives at Ajax. "This may be the first weeks, but after that you were also seen by Vermeer. He went to Feyenoord, so everyone was against him. He took a month, and then he was was finished. "

"If he has some good savings, he is made. He just must come," said Van der Meyde.

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