Saturday , February 29 2020
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Sylvie Meis picks up supporters for a "pointless" picture Entertainment

You will write yourself Sylvie to the picture: "Gun makeup." She says that hashtags say the photograph was taken without filtering and appearance. It is obvious that she is not spending layers of her departure, but her followers think she has got the most from it.

"But she wears concealer and blusher, and still remains so beautiful." Sylvie answers immediately, and not the suggestion: "No, I don't. Why I would say no I dressed, but wearing decorations ?! That's not making any sense.

Other people laugh about it. "Honey, you are just like the basic foundation." But Sylvie says that she has no bottom medals on her face. "If you can't manage that, bad luck for you."

But she is not believed. "Haha, wow, ok, this is the" bad attitude "without a makeup picture ever.Ensure your foundation, powder, shape and eyes are not made in the future. that's good light and then put the light it doesn't chew– photo .. this is just too light for words. "Another man says:" A blind horse is still seeing not s naturelle . "

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