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The tourist attraction can go to a level impossible to achieve inside

According to the Agency, Telecom is often not an established part of the plans when major events are planned. In recent years it has become quite the case that excessive traffic movement has occurred in major events. Just because suppliers had prevented time and interrupted traffic from the networks. According to the Agency, "there is a growing risk of failure and failure to use smartphones more. T They take photographs and videos, and share their photos through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp with others.

The Group believes that organizers and purposes accept that "telecom is always well organized." Networks are built for routine use. "If a festival or event is organized nearby, which means that there are a few tens of thousands of additional users suddenly, the telecom network cannot cope with it."

It has already gone abroad at the Belgian Pukkelpop festival in 2011. Five visitors were killed in heavy weather on the site. Everyone tried to pick up the alarm and call the lovers, causing the phone network to fall and nobody gets inside.

This year the Telecom Group will look out for access to emergency numbers 112 and NL-Alerts at major events. The watchdog is calling on organizers and areas to consider more accessibility. "The result is a guaranteed event for visitors, citizens and businesses about 112 and NL-Alert access."

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