The year 1800 is dying after releasing Steam

Many Anno's fans have already been counting down, because in just over two weeks with Anno 1800 a new part of the prestigious town builder's permit will be revealed. But it appears that there are a few feet on the ground when Anno 1800 is released. And then we don't mean the different delays that Anno 1800 would have to deal with.

Last week we told you that Ubisoft has destroyed Anno's corporate twist in 1800. In the digital field, it is also a hotel. Although Anno 1800 can still be purchased via Steam, the game will no longer be available to Steam released on April 16. From the publication, Anno 1800 will only be available via uPlay and Source the Epic Games, the new rival on Valve Stuth.

This has no implications for anyone who decides to Anno 1800 before Steam. Ubisoft has announced that the owners of the Steam de Anno 1800 version will be able to access all the upgrade and downloadable material via Steam:

Anno 1800 sales will be canceled on the way back after 16th April because of a decision by a publisher to make the specific game to a different PC repository.

The publisher has confirmed that Steam has been completed in advance, and owners will receive access to the game and any future updates or DLC through Steam.

We apologize to the Steam customers who were expecting to be sold after April 16 April.

Anno 1800 is available from April 16.

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