Tilburg's town council provides financial support for chrome-6 NON-AIDS

Tilburg Town Council on Monday afternoon agrees to a compensation of eight hundred people who are open to chromium-6 at a NS center in the town. A town council believes it is important that all parties involved will receive 7,000 euros as soon as possible. as possible.

People who are sick can count on an additional reimbursement between 5,000 and 40,000 euros.

For an attempt to expand the opposition to the rule and not enough support. The most generous management is determined by the majority of their city council, although different political parties recognize that they can not pay anything for their suffering.

"There is always a conversation, people are always disappointed," said Frans Vriens, council member (50PLUS) at an additional council meeting at the Willem II stadium. Many of the victims were present at the meeting.

Tilburg had to work compulsory work

Tilburg had to work without working at a NS workforce between 2004 and 2012. Old trains were on the sand. Chrome-6 was in the old paint lines.

The last inspection month concluded that the NS and its home have made mistakes. The NS did not tell the town about the dangers and the town did not take steps.

Municipality and NS errors recognize

The town and the NS have recognized their mistakes. They estimate that there are 10 million golds of diamonds; the need for the scheme and they expect to share the costs. When the money goes out, a budget will be added, Alderman Erik de Ridder promised London night.

Those who believe believe they are entitled to a higher payment of notification to an independent committee to advise the town, and the alderman will also repeat.

In an ongoing debate, their home council continues to Speaking on the political responsibility for the drama.

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