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Total War: Three kingdoms were deferred to 23 May – Quiz – News

The Creative Synod states that all of the United States have been suspended. The latest game in the Total War series should be released on March 7, but the developer has moved until May 23.

Creative Synod states that a new complexity is & # 39; of three kingdoms and therefore more time is needed to ensure that these systems work correctly. In addition, the developer says that the extra time is not needed for, among other things, a dispute of problems with problems, their local development and language options and their; special animation development related.

The game should first be published in 2018, but opened up to & # 39; Last year's Creative Conference last year released to spring 2019. In September last year, it was also announced that Feral Interactive is making the strategy game for Linux and MacOS. When these tunes come true it is still unidentified.

Total War: There are three kingdoms that deal with the fight of eleven war commanders different from China who has been fighting for them. trying to connect China around 190 AD. The rts game is based on a romantic version of the history from the book Romance of the Three Reigns, although players can also select a more rational Classical mode, which the generals are still not supernatural.

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