Netizens will try to release Facebook writers


Shortly after his game between Vietnam and Myanmar Cup 2018 AFF team ended with great regret when Van Toan, the unnamed Thai referee Phubes Lekpha, the community of Vietnam's Facebook network was the aim of Facebook this tear.

Interestingly, Phubes does not have the current Facebook charge to comment on foreigners, but the "Angry" rate of recent posts has risen and not expected. from Vietnamese users.

Stop comments, fans have another way on this Stop ideas, fans have another way to express the "indignation".

On social networks, many people repented that the fans do not; winning and many people are "sad" even as the referee of the 12th team of Myanmar team. Previously, many rulers decided to cause difficulties and mistakes for the Vietnam team are also in fact; Meeting problems with Facebook after their game when Vietnam fans get the way to go. anxiety attack.

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