Neuquén ruled the party inside and rejected his refusal


Violet list, led by the former divisional governor of Neuquén, Rolando Figueroa, opposition of anomalies in the open elections within the Neuquén Public Movement (MPN) which was held on this Sabbath to select candidates for regional and urban elections 2019. Indicate that they do not recognize the results.

In a news conference, José Violet's spokesperson, José Pino Russo, said they are feeling that they are. feel they are "completely cut" with their "colleagues of their MPN", and they are sure that the "they have become a catalog of shoes, in terms of unclear, without being clear in the process of election"

The official official results, with 336 records counted, They gave the winner of the application for the president of the department's president, Omar Gutiérrez, with 36,368 votes, while Figueroa received 25,030 votes.

Amongst the anomalies, the spokesman said "there was a tightening, tricky balls and the results of some of the recordings are completely different from those in the next board, changing the proportions of almost magic" .

He said they did not offer up to the last day of the list of retailers who put Election Justice as a commitment to the transparency of the elections.

"They gave us a list of it All sellers, equally, all officials of the department's government. The leader of the veedores is a procurator in this election, "he explained.

"This process would have to look for tomorrow together, but he can not accept acceptance, he can not confirm any specific anomalies saying nothing has been done," said producer Violet list.

Pino said they were trying to go to her. made a case in Daily Election Justice, but they could not achieve them because they did not; serve them.

Finally, he stated that Figueroa will be giving a news conference on Monday at 11 o'clock, "to make a smaller political survey of what we are saying now."

At the same time, in front of the headquarters of the Electoral Board, a position was set in which it will be used; Enjoy successful applicants in the Blue list.

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