New air pens are available in our shop


Named a few days ago, the new Airpods are already available for sale in stores.

Remember last week Apple opened his old orders for the second generation of Airpods. The visitor is now to be sold in the shops. But not all Apple's shops have yet been delivered.

There is no big rebellion because the entrant captures the design of his ancestor and introduces some new things.

One of these changes applies to the development of Podroncron AirPod. They will now benefit from a new slate H1 chip, which will replace W1 of the previous modules. This chip allows faster connection without wire as well as better voice recognition.

The other development is linked to the issue and it is now possible to recharge battery via wireless technology. This wireless charging box can be provided directly by purchasing or buying the new AirPods separately.

The new AirPods are a wireless tax box retail 22, and those supplied by the same single tax form available to 179 €.

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